Hello and thanks for taking an interest in our cosmetics.

I would like to tell you how the brand was born and developed and the story behind our cosmetics.

In 2015, company owner, Julie chiefessays.net Shabatt set up beauty complexes for beauty treatments and aesthetics.

From the start, she decided these complexes would use private label products of high quality and amazing aromas.

The company’s owner, Julie has researched the field of cosmetics for many years and has sampled cosmetic products from all over the world: Japanese, Korean and European, as well as natural and organic cosmetics – all known and unknown brands.

Her interest in cosmetics is more profound than the need to improve mere external appearance. She understood that to achieve maximum external results these products must be combined with other components, and physical health and mental ease should be taken into consideration, and this would mean integration of wellness and aesthetics routine.

Some enjoy spending many hours on their wellness and aesthetics routine, and others, simply don’t have the time. However, a few simple steps that should be taken on a daily basis, and it’s not only about external, but also internal factors that influence your body and beauty.

Let us tell you all about them with love.


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