Hello and thanks for taking an interest in our brand.

Hello and thank you for taking interest in Maiko Cosmetca Brand.

My name is Julie Shabbat and I am the founder of the brand.

The brand is made in Israel, but the entire design language, name and logo convey Japan, thanks to the inspiration I received on a visit to Japan many years ago.

“Maiko” is actually an apprentice Geisha, and according to Japanese tradition, they live “in the world of flower and willow”. In Japanese culture the “flower” signifies beauty, and the “willow” signifies subtlety, strength and grace.

The geisha is a woman of art, gay-art, sha – person. Their whole life is a long and colorful ceremony. They dedicate themselves to a love of aesthetics, singing, dancing, playing in a Shamisen (Japanese musical instrument), the tea ceremony and more endless attributes that they acquire for many years.


In Japan, MAIKO considered as a work of art, a flawless woman with an unforgettable aroma, porcelain skin and delicate silky hair, moving in a kind of levitation, in a breathtaking kimono.

Japanese culture gives a great respect to everything related to aesthetics and cleanliness. The Japanese believe that a body is a gift that is received only once in a lifetime, so it should be treated as a temple, a temple clean inside and outside.

 As centuries ago, nowadays, the place of bathing and grooming devotes special time. In fact they make bathing a ceremony, in which there are no rules, this is a quality time, enjoyment and pleasure.

In Japanese culture, the body cleansing ritual, like any other ritual, is accompanied by aromatherapy (essential oil treatment). Essential oils have many healing properties that affect the appearance of the skin, and also, miraculously, essential oils affect the inner feelings and improve the mood.

The approach to aesthetics in Japan, as mental and physical health, inspired me to establish beauty and cosmetics complexes with a Japanese scent.

MAIKO COSMETICA care products offer natural and therapeutic cosmetics, based on aromatherapy and special ingredients such as Camel Milk, Banyan river water, Spirulina, Argan Oil and more…


The aroma and textures of our products will take you to a Japanese Spa experience and turn the bath into an uplifting aromatherapy ritual.

 We offer a wide range of care and treatment products for problems such as anti-aging, pigmentation, seborrhea, eczema, acne, casks and more.

Our main goal is to produce fair cosmetics, with high quality and effective formulations that provide results and excellent user experience!


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